McKeesport Sportsmen's Association



Join us at Mckeesport.

We're always looking for awesome people who love to shoot as much as we do.


For information on becoming a member of the McKeesport Sportsmen's Association please call 412-664-1288.


Application fee:  $100.00 (this is a one time fee)

1st years dues:  $75.00

Total fee:  $175.00

Junior Memberships
New Junior $8.00 ( $5 Application fee included)
Yearly renewals $13.00

NOTE - Those applying for membership during the months of:

August through October pay 75% of the annual dues fee
November through January pay 50% of the annual dues fee
February through April pay 25% of the annual dues fee

The fine print--- read the summary at the end too.

​​Any citizen of good moral character, of the age of 18 years and upwards, and who can lawfully possess a firearm may become a Sustaining Member, upon making successful application thereof, and paying the membership fee prescribed by the Board of Directors in accordance with the bylaws; provided his/her application receives a majority vote of the members present at any regular meeting of the Association.


Present your application fee and annual dues along with your application.

All applications for membership in the Association must be presented to the Membership Committee in person for investigation, on which the signatures of the Applicant, Sponsor, and a Director shall be inscribed, and accompanied by payment of the Application Fee and all necessary dues and fees for said application.  The Membership Committee shall consist of the Board of Directors as a whole.   

If said application receives a majority vote of the Committee present, the Secretary will notify the applicant, in writing.    The application will then be presented to the members of the Association at the next Regular Meeting, provided that the Association’s Charter is opened for the acceptance of New Members.    The applicant must be present or properly excused from this Regular Meeting to be considered for membership.    If the applicant receives a majority vote of the members present, the applicant will be accepted and notified of their membership.   

The accepted applicant/New Member present will be issued Association credentials at that time.    Those properly excused will be contacted by the Association, notified of their acceptance and must then make all efforts to personally obtain their credentials at the Association within reasonable time. 

 Meeting Times

Membership Meetings:  2nd Monday  of the month, 7:00PM

Director's Meetings:  Last Monday of the month, 7:00 pm  Come early at 6:30 pm




Now that you've read the fine print here is a summary.

-Come to a directors meeting, it's the last Monday of the month before 6:30, present your application so that you may be approved by the board of directors.

-Come to the next membership meeting which are held the 2nd Monday of the month to be voted in by the members.